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Meet Eunice: Crafting a Better Drink Through Machine Automation

Meet Botrista’s February MVP, Eunice Kang! Her fresh approach to our industry-changing blends continuously keep us progressing forward.

Eunice embodies an exceptional blend of technical expertise and operational finesse, consistently driving success in the execution of our beverage automation deployment projects. Her hands-on approach with our drink machines helps grow restaurant profit for our partners and makes her an indispensable team member at Botrista. We are so lucky to have you, Eunice!

Eunice has been a part of team Botrista for three years now! She began her journey at Botrista in our Taiwan office, where she worked for her first year of employment. For the past two years, she has been stationed at our San Francisco HQ, playing a significant role as the Equipment Deployment Manager, a pivotal position for ensuring successful store launches. “In my day-to-day, I manage our beverage dispenser deployments, including site surveys, installations, returns, and machine swaps”.

Eunice expresses that the startup culture at Botrista is what attracted her the most! “Prior to my employment at Botrista, I worked for the largest trading company in Taiwan. I managed the sales cycle of seasonal products for large retailers such as Home Depot, Costco, and Lowes. When I finished there, I knew I wanted something different, like the automation of a fun industry”.

“My biggest contribution to our team is the ability to wear multiple hats! Back in my early days at Botrista, I was very hands-on with the Botrista Pro, replacing and repairing machine parts, and also visiting customer sites to ensure smooth operations”. Eunice’s hands-on work with our machines set her up for success in her current role, allowing her to gain knowledge, understand how the machine works, and easily identify issues.

When it comes to resilience in a fast paced work environment, Eunice stays ahead of the game. “It’s very important to keep your daily tasks organized and be open to urgent cases surrounding our drink machines. It’s critical to react fast and have good solutions with quick turnarounds”.

“I’m very excited to be a part of Botrista’s growth in 2024. As one of the earlier employees that saw our first couple of machines deployed, to now having over 600 beverage dispensers in the US market, I’m excited for the opportunity to grow and scale even further”. Botrista’s deployment and field service teams both play huge roles in our company's growth. Eunice says, “being able to be a part of the teams that resolve front line conflicts is a huge honor. To face and resolve conflicts together, allows us to strengthen our team and celebrate our wins collectively”!

In 2024, Eunice hopes to nail down a solid workout routine. “I love cardio workouts and lifting weights. I would love to take on a few pilates and yoga classes in the future, too”!

“When I’m not working, I love to cook my favorite Taiwanese comfort foods. My favorite dish is Silurou, which is a traditional braised meat with stew cabbage, topped with fried egg crisp. I love spending time in the kitchen, figuring out the recipes myself, and enjoying these delicious meals with my roommate”.

“My dad is my biggest motivator! He’s made a great influence on myself and my siblings, by educating us on attitudes and mindsets while dealing with difficulties and challenges. He also pushed us to see the importance of learning the English language. I will always appreciate the time and effort that my dad invested in us and in turn, I will do my part to educate the next generation”!

Eunice enjoys all of Botrista’s fresh blends, but her favorite is horchata! “The horchata is my favorite, especially as a smoothie”. 🥤

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