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The DrinkBot automates the portioning, dispensing and mixing process to deliver a fresh and consistently blended beverage 
in under 20 seconds


The DrinkBot R4.3

Botrista DrinkBot - Drink Dispenser

User Interface

Blender Rinser

Blender Cup

Ambient Storage




Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 1.58.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 10.28.54

14 dispensing nozzles to prevent ingredient cross contamination

Customize drink options with an easy-to-use interface

Unique honeycomb blender simulates drink shaker to deliver perfect foam and texture


Tubes and ingredients are refrigerated up to nozzles (8 BiBs)

Additional storage (4 BiBs)

Fast clean-up between beverages

NSF-18 certified


  • 26.8'' (W) x 65.2'' (H) x 30.8'' (D)


  • 573 lbs (no BiB product)


  • 120V, 15A


  • 300 servings (12oz each)

  • 120 drinks / hour

Bag-in-Box System

  • Capacity for 4 ambient BiBs and 8 refrigerated BiBs

Our NSF-certified DrinkBot is designed for efficiency and ease of use

Front (with both top and bottom open wit

Fast & Reliable

Throughput of 120 drinks per hour, so your ticket times won’t suffer.

No Training

Intuitive UI allows any staff to be a professional barista with a push of a button 

Small Footprint

Delivering 10+ categories in a small, 5 sq. ft. footprint

Consistently Crafted

Automated portioning, dispensing and mixing

Eliminate Waste

1 Gal BIBs with 99%+ ingredient utilization


Automated weekly cleaning process

Patented technology enables DrinkBot to dispense thicker, more natural ingredients

Botrista DrinkBot - Inside the Drink Dispenser

A series of pumps and flow meters allows the DrinkBot to dispense precise levels of an ingredients

  • Can dispense liquids 1000x thicker than traditional syrups

  • Ingredients fit into both refrigerated and ambient storage, and are chilled to a cool 39 degrees for the perfect sip 

  • Dedicated BiB connector, tube and nozzle prevents flavor contamination

  • Quick-connects enable fast ingredient changes

  • Each DrinkBot has a capacity of 300 12oz drinks

DrinkBot BTC (2)-min.jpg

Delicious drinks in just 20 seconds


Iced Caramel Latte


Pomegranate Green Tea

Strawberry_milk_tea_glass (1).png

Strawberry Milk Tea

Matcha_iced_latte_glass (1).png

Iced Matcha Latte

Delight guests with high quality drinks each and every time

The DrinkBot allows drinks to be customized by size and sugar level to ensure guest satisfaction

Droplet_Icon_Sea Foam.png

Patented blending technology enables enhanced texture and layered foam vs. handmade drink

Droplet_Icon_Sea Foam.png

Precise portioning and blending

Droplet_Icon_Sea Foam.png

Consistency across beverages and operator network

Droplet_Icon_Sea Foam.png

Increased health & safety with  contactless production

The DrinkBot is powered by our cloud-based system called CloudBar to provide business data in real time.


Effective Inventory Management

Real time data integration for inventory replenishment

Third Party Integrations

Real time data integration for multiple applications, including POS ordering systems

Sales Performance Analysis

Track beverage performance and check in on ingredient levels remotely

Easy Training via Tutorial Video 

Leverage on-screen tutorials for everything from swapping out BIBs to cleaning and maintenance

Botrista DrinkBot - Drink Dispenser Cloudbar System
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